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  • All pricing is yearly (Payments due yearly, bi-annually, or quarterly)
  • Phone & Email Support is included
  • Access to monthly training sessions included.NewPrices tag

Web Setup:


Package / Feature

Cost / Interval


Basic Setup Fee

$50 / Site Setup

Basic Hosting Setup for Basic Packages or Host Only Options.

Standard Setup Fee

$100 / Site Setup

Standard Hosting Setup for Standard Packages or Host Only Options.

Premium Setup Fee

$150 / Site Setup

Premium Hosting Setup for Premium Packages or Host Only Options.


Web Design:


Package / Feature

Cost / Interval


Basic Web Package

$360 / Year

3 Section Site w/ 3GB / 300 Emails / 30 FTP/3 Custom Images, Videos, Modules. Email / Web Hosting Included.

Standard Web Package

$540 / Year

5 Section Site w/ 5GB / 500 Emails / 50 FTP/5 Custom Images, Videos, Modules. Email / Web Hosting Included.

Premium Web Package

$720 / Year

7 Section Site w/ 7GB / 700 Emails / 70 FTP/7 Custom Images, Videos, Modules. Email / Web Hosting Included.

Ultimate Web Package

$1000 / Year

Unlimited Sections w/ Unlimited GB / 999 Emails / 999 FTP/10 Custom Images, Videos, Modules. Email / Web Hosting Included. Additional Features are reduced by 10% with this package. Space is added in 2GB increments as needed.

What prices are our services?

All services are priced a la carte. Repair services will be indicated by the complexity of the repair plus the part. Typically clients can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $120 for a service. First time clients will receive the first hour free, which equates to a $40 discount. This discount does not include parts. 


What is our refund policy?

Any part we purchase is typically part of a service and will have the full manufacturers warranty, but can not be refunded. Any service that is not deemed satisfactory can be rectified by bringing the unsatisfactorily serviced device back to our repair shop or by scheduling a return visit by one of our technicians.


What payments methods do we accept?

We accept all major forms of payment. You can bring cash, card, or check and we can process payments immediately. We also offer electronic invoicing that can be paid via the internet without presenting a physical card. We do not store any card numbers or checking account numbers so you do not have to be concerned with your identity being stolen.

What delivery options do we offer?

We will deliver your purchased products directly to your door if they do not require additional servicing. We also provide pick-up and delivery service for electronic device repairs withing a 25 mile radius. This typically covers the Greater Greenville Area which includes parts of Spartanburg, Anderson, and Laurens counties.


What support options are available?

Solutions are our strength and we have support solutions to provide annual maintenance for your computers, website, or camera security systems. Most of our systems require little maintenance, but our support contracts include free training, tune-ups and valuable discounts for additional orders.


What additional services are available?

We offer a multitude of services related to our three main products and also unrelated services. Our services page has a detailed list of the possibilities. You can always ask us about other services and we will be happy to refer you out to our powerful network which supports us.

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