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My McAfee subscription is expiring. What should I do? Is there a free software I can use?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Here is what you need to do:

1) Either disable or remove your current antivirus, whether it be McAfee or Norton or whatever. Go to the control panel and check under Windows Security. You can either disable it there or go under Add/Remove Programs (XP) or Programs & Features (Vista) to find the name of your software program and remove it.

2) Download either AVG Free or Avast antivirus from their respective websites and install the software. Both of these have free and paid versions. Make sure you have the Free version, even though it is sometimes made difficult to find on purpose. (obvious reasons)

3) Make sure to hit update and get the latest updates for the software after you download it.

4) You may have to go into the Windows Security to tell it that the new software will be handling your antivirus needs otherwise you will have a red X on your shield in the lower right corner of your screen.


Should We Be Afraid of Cell Phone Radiation?

There are some people sending around videos of cell phones making popcorn kernels pop by putting cell phones close to them. 

Cool videos, but this is definitely not reality:

The phone safety regulation set the SAR to 1.6W/kg.
Most of us have microwaves in our homes that are well over 1000 Watts and they still take several minutes to pop a kernel of corn. Even if ther were a 1, 000 cell phones on the table, they will still have trouble creating the pressure that is required inside the microwave to create this.
You might think this is too long a response to a funny video, but there are people (who shall remain nameless) in this world, who are so afraid of radiation now that they won't use a cell phone or wireless internet in their home. We are not to live in fear when we have a relationship with Christ, but for those technophobes that need the facts, there are people like me who will give them the facts.

Here is the radiation level for the Blackberry:
Blackberry 7520

The SAR level for this phone is:
which is lower than the average mobile phone handset SAR level of

Every cell phone has a rating and it is listed in the manual that most people never read. Especially the ones who are crying about radiation. A few seconds on the beach will expose you to more radiation than a cell phone will. When is the last time you ever hard of someone getting a cell phone tan.
*The sad part is some bluetooth company was putting the ad out there and bluetooth is nothing but shortwave RF, in other words MORE RADIATION*
If you're concerned about radiation, then just don't use a cell phone at all and don't come outside in the sun.

Can video be presented wireless from a projector?

I have not been able to find an inexpensive wireless projector, but this Wireless Video Adapter will pretty much do the same thing for an additional $250 - $300.

Depending on how much your electrical contractor will charge you to run the cable from the back of the church up into the ceiling, it may be worth it.

This adapter as well as the projector will both need power, so there will at least have to be some power run, but that won't need to be as long a run as the video would have to be since you already have power in the ceiling for the lights.



Dell : ADDLOGIX InternetVue 2020 Wireless Video Adapter : TV Accessories : Member Purchase Program  http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/TV_Accessories/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=eep&cs=6099&sku=A1355241


LiteShow: http://www.infocus.com/Accessories/Wireless/LiteShowII.aspx?


Panasonic Wireless Projector:


$2,399 for this projector


Of the different options, the additional wireless adapter is definitely less expensive, although it does require an additional piece of hardware to hang in the ceiling, but it's light weight and standard technology.


Even if money was no object, you could get more bang by buying a projector that has more capability as far as brightness and resolution. Also, if you ever decided to go to 2 screens, then you would already have a wireless connection there to be able to project the second screen from in case you wanted to be  able to display 2 different things. Otherwise, you could just split the video if you wanted to display a copy of the 1st.

Why does my laptop screen go dim sometimes?

It is quite possible that the screen has a power save setting that causes the screen to go dim after a set period of inactivity. This is usually 10 or 15 minutes, but can be as frequent as 1 minute.
Another reason could be because your power adapter is not connected. The laptop tries to conserve energy when the power adapter is disconnected to keep from draining the battery as quickly.
Also, the laptop has brightness settings that you control. These will never cause the screen to go dim, unless you specifically change it. This is usually controlled by the Fn (purple function key) key on a Windows based computer and an icon that looks like a sun. You can make the screen brighter or darker using these 2 keys.

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