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Referral Qualifications

Step 1 - Referral must complete the 15 minute QA Session for new website or security system

Step 2 - Referral must accept and agree to a proposal for the custom service package offered.

Step 3 - Referral must make first payment towards the service package

Your referral bonus will be available within 5 - 7 business days and will be mailed out by default unless another form is designated at the time of your referral or via the online form.

Referral Bonus

Every client that refers a new client will actually be operating similar to a sales agent. Since you are out working your mouth, you should be rewarded for your work. KVS will pay in the form of a credit, check, or cash directly to you for each qualified referral. You can designate the payment form and we will make it available to you once the qualified referral has fully qualified you for the referral. The qualified referral will also receive a special incentive if you are a current KVS partner or client. The referral bonus is currently $25 with no limit on the amount of referrals that can be made.

Total Quality Janitorial Services

1 BR - $85

Includes basic cleaning, baseboards, and vacuuming.

2 BR / 2 BA - $95

Carpet Cleaning - $100

Spot Cleaning - Price varies depending on the size and number of spots.



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