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I just opened my Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010 and the product key code is no good. WHAT NOW?

Key Codes must be entered exactly. Most often, there is a combination of letters that may be getting switched around in the brain and not being entered correctly. You could try entering the numbers in backwards or having someone else dictate the numbers one by one. Microsoft is not perfect, however in our experience it is usually operator error when these codes do not work.

I upggraded Vista to Windows 7 and could edit pictures before, but now it says Windows photo viewer?

There are several options for photo editing and I honestly do not use the Windows default editor.

It should not be much different from what you are used to though. When you right click on a photo it will give you more options as to what program to use to open them with. Once you choose a default it will always go that default program, whether it be Photo Viewer or PhotoShop or paint. Here are some common options:

HP Media Smart, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, PictureViewer, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Photo Viewer, or Windows Media Center.

Windows Live Photo Gallery is the tool that Microsoft seems to be moving its users toward. This is the fastest tool for editing photos and pictures that are editable. The new Paint is also a nice option to have if changing colors and adding minor graphics, lines, or additional images to the editing process. For more advanced and professional features, some other program should be installed or a suitable on-line editor should be chosen.

When you open Windows Live Photo Gallery the first time, it will ask you if you want it to be the default for certain file types. You should say 'yes' so that it will always be used to open these files. You do not have to use your Windows Live ID to use this program unless you want to access the photos on-line. You can use the program to edit and save files locally on your machine.




Why can't I view some word documents?

Word documents have different extensions and depending on the version of Word or Word viewer you have, you may not be able to view them all. Each year software changes and Microsoft updates some things in their software that is not always compatible with older versions, so they change the extensions. Make sure if you are trying to view documents that you have Microsoft's latest software or their latest viewer. The viewer does not cost anything, but you will not be able to change the documents and save changes. You can only read, save, or print.

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