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My Joomla Update fails due to archive file corrupted

This can be a very frustrating error when you cannot perform a simple security update that should take maybe 1 minute. This forum post below may help you. One solution is to first confirm that your 'tmp' directory is there. The next thing is to delete any patch files that could be corrupt. Look for the package and delete it, then try again. http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?p=3095767

How do I access my mail from the site? I don't see the link to admin login anymore.

Now that your site has gone live, you are seeing it as your clients would see it and all of the extra links are gone. You will have to log-in to the Front-End of the site in order to see the links that you normally see during the staging process. You should be able to log in from the 'Member Login' popup window. Once you log-in, you should see the 'Member Access' Dropdown Menu. Check Email is typically the first in the list.

I want to be a good steward, do I need a new graphic for everything I do?

If you wanted to print a T-Shirt you may or may not need another graphic, it depends on how large and who you use to print it. Everything depends on the requirements of the printer.
If you were to use us to print T-Shirts, obviously there would be no additional charge because we already have the artwork and we know what's necessary. Within our network, we have partners that we regularly do business with and resell their products, so we can avoid setup fees and extra charges for reformatting because we know what they expect.
You can use any of the graphics for your business cards. probably, because all of the logos are high resolution and you have full access to them. The only additional cost would be a revised Twitter Profile Graphic ($10) or for a new custom Twitter Profile Graphic ($25). Some social media experts talk about the importance of the social media logo, because people only give it about 10 seconds to catch their attention, and if it doesn't pop, then people move on and don't remember you. Here is a link to a site with the top No-No's for social media:
I definitely understand the limitations of funds and it is our goal to be good stewards with your money as if it were our own. We consider all of our clients to be partners and want to be able to develop relationships that are mutually gratifying.
There may come a time when we will throw things in for free or give you a little extra, but we have learned in the business that you must not "cast your pearls before swine." Every year we develop new policies to prevent that from happening so that we are not showing partiality, but preventing good people from becoming pigs. Pigs don't last long in business and we believe that part of our mission is helping other business owners find their balance between profit, loss, poverty, and greed.
You are operating on good ground and every dime you spend with us is an investment that you will not regret making.

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