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Fall Maintenance

Check and repair caulking as needed - sinks, tub, showers, thresholds, walls, etc.

. Turn on your furnace for a trial run; replace filters

. Continue to clean or replace regular HVAC (Heating, Ventilation

and Air Conditioning) filters monthly; HEPA-style filters more frequently

. Inspect drywall and ceilings for indications of leaks; repair as necessary to prevent potential mold growth

. Inspect fireplace

. Check and repair or replace weather stripping on exterior doors

. Check alignment of gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks to ensure that water is properly diverted away from the home

. Check to ensure your attic is properly ventilated and insulated

. Check for any mold growth on exterior siding


Yearly Home Maintenance

. Check and repair caulking as needed - windows, siding, corners.

. Close chimney damper (older homes with traditional chimneys)

. Clean and wax cabinets

. Check Faucet Aerators for proper flow of water. If the flow is

reduced, clean the aerator screens. During the first two months,

the faucet aerators could require more frequent cleaning.

Note: Some faucets have governors in them to restrict water flow, removing them will increase flow, but increase water bills for those using municipal (city) water supplies.

. Check and repair or replace weather stripping on exterior doors as necessary. Some doors have an adjustment on the floor to tighten the seal on the door as well.


. Inspect shower doors and tub enclosures for proper fit. Adjust if necessary. Inspect caulking and re-caulk if necessary.

. Lubricate locks, hinges and latches. (WD-40 works well for this, but there are special graphite lubricants available as well)

. Check window locks and weather stripping

. Lubricate garage door rollers, tighten bolts (be sure to check the specifications because all garage doors do not use the same lubricants and using the wrong ones can damage the door and possibly void the warranty)

. Check drawers and hinges for proper alignment; tighten and adjust as necessary

. Check and tighten all dead bolts

. Check and clean dryer vents and the vent duct to remove any lint

or obstructions, which could spark a fire, or trap moisture that could promote mold growth

. Clean or replace air conditioning filters monthly - more frequently if using HEPA-type filters that trap more impurities. Please refer to manufacturer's specifications. 3 month filters are less maintenance intensive, but some will restrict air flow more than desired.

. Flush A/C condensation lines to prevent blockage and inspect drip pan to ensure there is no excess moisture build-up that could

promote mold growth. You may have to go into an attic or crawl space to do this, but it is worth it to prevent the possible leaks that can damage ceilings, walls, and possibly get someone hurt.

. Maintain a consistent air conditioner setting so the system recycles the air frequently enough to lower humidity and prevent excess

moisture build-up. Be sure to take advantage of programmable thermostats that allow you to turn the temp back when you are not in the house for long periods or while you are sleeping to save on winter heating bills.


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