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Somebody Knows Your Name!

Did you know that somebody knows your name and so everybody has access to your name. We understand that name can also mean character or attributes. The digitial revolution is now ushering in a new era of reputation building and bashing.

I was casually searching the internet and decided to type my own name. To my dismay, there was a listing of people with my name, but one was strikingly similar to the real me, only 2 years ago. The website that had my profile was called naymz.com and after further investigation it says that the information gathered was public information on the internet. Here is the danger in social media networking. Once you agree to join a network and begin putting your info (character) online, it can be tracked and manipulated by computer systems and before you know it, some web page has your name up there with all of your attributes.  The problem with this is that people change, and much like people with unforgiveness, the computer does not know that a change has taken place.

My profile had me listed as an engineer II in Greenville SC and that would have been accurate 3 years ago. I am now a retired engineer turned entrepreneur and seminary student. I found out how to have this profile removed and have now decided to begin painting an more accurate portrait of who I am. It is my hope that within 6 months, when people type Emanuel Duncan in a search engine, then they will see a glimpse of Christ. The name Emanuel means God with us, and if God is with us, and since I know that He is with us, He is present on the internet.

So get your reputation in order and be careful what you put out there on the social media sites. A simple night out with friends could be misconstrued and used as evidence to tear you down, but at the same time the things you do can be used to build you up and the Kingdom along with it. I will opt for the latter, but if we slip, there is always the Blood of Jesus to delete all those records...



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