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Currents, Debris, & Life

Bandaged_FootToday's lesson was to beware of currents.
While @ St. Augustine Beach in Florida, a strong current was pulling me toward the pier which we are told to remain at least 50 feet away from.
Unfortunately I was caught in a strong current that was pulling me towards the pier while floating on a raft. I decided to get off the raft and carry it with me back to shore, however the current was too strong for me to swim back and carry the raft.
The raft slipped out of my hand and began to float away into the deeper waters and underneath the pier. One part of me wanted to swim after the raft, but I believe the Holy Spirit was telling me to get back to shore. I temporarily ignored the HS and tried to find some footing to go after the raft and fell down into a deep hole where some ocean debris banged my foot.

At this point, common sense kicked in and I kicked on my motors back toward shore. After catching a couple mouths full of the salt water and nearly
running out of energy against the strong current; I finally made it to a place where it was shallow enough for me to stand and walk again.
Even as I walked though, the current was pushing me and my banged up foot wasn't helping.
By this time, the life guards were on the scene and everyone on the beach was trying to figure out who was missing from the green boat that had flipped and was floating away.

A nice young gentleman took me to his truck and cleaned my wound with peroxide and wrapped it up. He told me that there is a crane over there that was never salvaged as well as other debris from the previous pier.
Lesson 1 - If you feel something pushing you in a direction you don't want to go, then turn and kick until you get to a place where you can stand.

-The consequences of not doing this is to fall sway to the current and risk drowning.

Lesson 2 - Heed the warning signs, because there is a lot of junk and debris that others have left behind.
-The consequence of ignoring the signs is that you get hurt by someone else's garbage while they're somewhere relaxing.
Lesson 3 - Sometimes you have to let go of somethings in life in order to survive.
-The consequences of not letting go is being pulled into something you can't get out of and if it's really for you, you'll get it back.

While one lifeguard was patching me up, the other lifeguard went and retrieved my boat for me.
Hallelujah, I'm still here!

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